Poetry Contest Winner!

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Greetings, visitors!

I know you have all been waiting with bated breath for the announcement of the National Day on Writing Poetry Contest winner! Well, the moment has arrived.

Congratulations to Catherine Mahony, Professional Writing major, Class of 2016, on her winning poem entitled “Ebony Bloodletting”! Our staff carefully reviewed each of the submissions, and hers garnered the most votes for best poem surrounding the theme “What Writing Means to Me.” She has won a KUWC T-shirt, a $25 Paw Pass, and publication in the Lehigh Valley Vanguard and KU’s own Shoofly literary magazine!

Please take a moment to read Catherine’s composition, printed below.

Ebony Bloodletting

I grip pens to grab hold of seismic waves that rattle my soul,

jabbing like dull needles chisel at bone.

I cross page borders and margins set without limits.

Paper cuts inflicted by barbed words with sharp edges,

indented and intended to perforate fingertips

that keep with the beat of the thoughts,

I delete and repeat and delete and repeat.

Words seep—from my right hemisphere

where no tangible equator divides,

no cerebral crevice to separate logic from lies.

Graphite misbehaving.

Syllables scattered in pink rubbery shavings.

Inky platelets pour from hollowed veins,

saturating arteries that deliver rich stains.

I cling to naked sheets,

to dress, in blank verses, what quivering cords could not speak.

Coagulation occurs in the stabbing of keys.

In the “this,” in the “that,”

In the “oh no, not that,”

of the ra…ta…ta…TAP!

Until vitals are revitalized with the ratatatatatatatatatat—

a steady pulse

in the pace

of a maker of poems.


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