What can the Writing Center do for your students?

The Writing Center is a free service for students. The staff works to aid student-writers working in all disciplines, on all manner of genres. In one-on-one writing conferences, tutor and student might discuss idea-generation, thesis writing, organization, development, or formats, as well as editing and proofreading strategies. Students are often surprised to find that a visit involves a lot of talking about writing, in addition to actual writing.

The Center is built on the premises that writers benefit from talking through their process and ideas, from using other readers as sounding boards, and from reflecting on the choices they make. While tutors do model and aid in proofreading, they are not providing a proofreading service. Therefore, students will not necessarily leave the center with error-free prose. (We like to tell them that we are not “dry-cleaners.”) We hope they will leave with tools and strategies for improving their writing processes over time.

Please encourage students to visit the UWC with early drafts of papers; scheduling time to talk through ideas, style and form is an important part of any writing process.

Introduce our services to your classes

Email the UWC to arrange for a staff member to visit your class to present a brief Introduction to the Writing Center. A tutor will explain our services to the students, provide brochures, and take questions. Email wrcenter@kutztown.edu to schedule a visit; please provide us with the time & date of the class, as well as the class size.

Bring students by the Center

Feel free to bring your small class by the UWC, take a peek in, and show them first hand where we are: Old Main 132.

Workshop student writing with the UWC’s assistance

Invite a UWC tutor to aid you in your class’s writing workshop. While tutors are not permitted to teach any portion of a class, they can assist you in conducting small or large group workshops. Talk to Patricia Pytleski, Director, to learn more about this service: pytleski@kutztown.edu

Writing an Effective Thesis (PPT Presentation)

Understanding Plagiarism (PPT Presentation)

Plagiarism Handout (Document)

APA Header Sample (Document)

Instructions for APA Workshop (Document)

Instructions for Writing Process Workshop (Document)

Introduction to APA Format (PPT Presentation)

The Writing Process (PPT Presentation)

Useful Signal Phrase Verbs (Document)

Tutors from the Writing Center are available to present any and all of these documents to your classes, per your request. Please contact the Writing Center, or, Dr. Pytleski, the Writing Center director, in order to get more information and schedule a time for the presentations. 

Useful articles about academic writing from around the web

Plagiarism Prevention Without Fear, an article by Scott Jaschik, appears in the 1/26/10 issue of Inside Higher Ed.

Jaschik describes a new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, penned by Thomas S. Dee, associate professor of economics at Swarthmore College, and Brian A. Jacob, the Walter H. Annenberg Professor of Education Policy at the University of Michigan. The study finds that educating students on issues of integrity associated with plagiarism are far more effective  deterrents than using services such as Turn It In.

A College Press Run By Undergrads, by Steven Kolowich for Inside Higher Ed on 1/11/10.

Kolowich reports on a Vermont college creating a print-on-demand press of student work. The goal “is not to make money. It’s to make writers.”

“Mr. Plimpton’s Revenge, A Google Maps Essay, in Which George Plimpton Delivers My Belated and Well-Deserved Comeuppance,” by blogger Dinty W. Moore.

The author demonstrates an up-and-coming genre, one which uses Google Maps technology in tandem with prose. What are the possible  applications for your courses?