This page holds the winners of the Writing Center Poetry Contests, and will be updated as new contests emerge.

SPRING 2016:

Madison Gross

    three months

three months is receiving flowers when my eardrums are irritable,
but the doctors say it isn’t strep, so i’m grateful sex and intimacy
is still scheduled for the weekend. three months has scrapes and blisters
from Birkenstocks on sidewalk in the brutal heat of Philly, New York, DC.
three months sits on a bench, arguing about the movie’s ending:
for the record, i still side with the progressive senator’s decision.
three months calls for a makeshift midnight dinner date because we’ve
lost track of time and you’re hungry after burning calories in the car
for the first time together, which is nose to nose, head to door lock, foggy windows
and arched angles. three months is our first fight because i’m stubborn
and you’re late, but three months excuses subjective timeframes for sex
because this is new and exciting and we’re The Cool Couple. three months
has me sprawled on the library’s floor, trying my hardest to connect with
poetry, because you’re Pablo Neruda and i’m one of those cheap
self-published instagrams that are full of stocking stuffers and empty meanings.
in three months, we’ll be snapping chewing gum to pop our ears back into place
as we take off for mixed economies and the opposite of Eisenhower’s asinine
highway system. three months ago we were sitting on a beach, rolling in sand,
watching two drunk women undress, mouths on bodies,
wondering how we got here, and where we’re going next.

FALL 2015:

Antaneyah Johnson, Professional Writing 


Writing is a movement.

When a person’s fingers trace

on the blank piece of paper,

or type on the screen, getting rid of the blank space.

It becomes intense.

The way words have to form in the mind,

and the machines that are churning in your head.

The idea suddenly sparks like a firework,

and you have to catch it.

It contains information, frustrations,

happy moments, sad moments,

falling moments, and rising moments.

It is a friend that anyone can keep or share.

With each word that I place,

or type, I give life behind the meaning.

It is a door of multiple possibilities.

It is life itself.